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An Extensive Guide to IB Physics and Good Results

IB students are expected to take one course from each group of subjects. IB students can choose Physics as one of the six subjects in the Sciences Group. Students who choose Physics in the IBDP Curriculum can also choose between IB SL Physics and IB HL Physics. 

IB HL Physics is a more complex and content-heavy version of IB SL Physics. If students choose to take this class, they need to know that it is essential to get good grades and learn how to think creatively and logically to do well in our data-rich world. We have a large group of experienced IB Physics HL tutors, from part-time tutors to former MOE teachers, who can help your child with their IB Physics journey.

The Objectives of IB Physics

The main goal of the IB Physics Curriculum is to help IB Physics students understand, explain, and criticize the scientific theories and ideas they learn, as well as to help them use these theories in their practical lessons. Through these IB Physics Curriculum goals, students should be able to bring 21st-century problem-solving and reasoning skills into their schoolwork and everyday lives.

The following assessment objectives are meant to get students to work on improving these skills.

Be familiar with and understand IB Physics.  

Students must show that they can understand and remember scientific facts, ideas, and terms while using the proper methods and techniques.

Problem Solving

IB Physics students have to know scientific facts and information, but they also have to be able to choose and use their knowledge to solve different problems, both in the real world and in the field of science. Under the IB Physics Curriculum, students are also expected to be able to solve problems on their own, in groups, and even in different parts of the world. This is to improve how scientific research is done in the larger community.

As Inquiry Approaches

The IB students are expected to look into real-world situations and abstract ideas methodically and logically. This requires IB Physics students to organize and analyze information systematically, come to conclusions that make sense, and test their own ability to ask and answer questions.

Communication and Interpretation

IB Physics students are expected to be able to translate and understand problems from the real world in the context of physics, as well as apply their scientific knowledge to everyday situations. IB Physics students should also show that they know how to use the proper methods and ideas in different situations. 

Understanding Pure Physics and Combined Physics

Students in the upper secondary can take physics as one of the three science classes. They can take either pure physics or a mix of physics with biology and chemistry. Physics is a subject that builds on itself, so you have to know your formulas well before you can use them to solve problems. Some people might find it hard to remember the formulas, and others might not know how to use them in the different question types. When students are stuck on questions, they often lose confidence in themselves. When students are stuck during independent study, IB Physics HL tutors are there to answer their questions and get them back on track so they can keep studying.

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