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Experiencing the struggle in finding an IB Chemistry tutor in Gurgaon is stressful as this subject demands the most appropriate methodology for teaching. So along with effective learning, if the student gets the benefit of studying from home and that too anytime, will it bring a beautiful smile to your face? What if tutors meet you at your place according to your suitable time without compromising teaching methods and concepts?

Doesn’t it sound excellent? And it is where our IB Chemistry tuition rolls up into the picture. At IB Teach our Chemistry tutor utilizes the necessary resources to make the learning experience go smoothly without any obstacles. Getting the cumulative curve among students, our IB Chemistry tuition is considered the most convenient and valuable asset in the stressful world of students.

Disclosing enormous comforts provided by us to make the most out of it

  • Above and beyond the comfort and convenience, our IB chemistry tutor in Gurgaon tries to make the session a bit more engaging and interactive with online quizzes and a short test. What makes it more attractive is the immediate and quick results.

  • Our professional tutors at IB Teach captivate students’ interest as they make appropriate use of videos, discussions, and explanations with related instances.

  • Using online classrooms in Gurgaon does not limit your learning session to the time intervals as they are always up for the guest lectures, doubts solving sessions, etc., at a suitable place.

  • On top of that, IB Chemistry tuitions allow worldwide students to interact with each other and be a part of the group discussion for better understanding. This concept is brought into existence because of the studies that prove “discussion makes a clear understanding of the concepts.”

Personal eye on students individually

With lectures and learning, students need a hand in step-by-step counseling, which is not at all can be done in schools. Students here can go beyond the lectures and get support and assistance on any queries they need at their convenience.

Apart, our IB Chem tutor stays updated with the students’ progress individually to provide them guidance as needed. They are always concerned regarding your weak area and strengths in the subject to get a better outcome. With our IB chemistry tuitions, your mistakes and time management issues can be corrected spontaneously, as observed. Henceforth, it will help you grow and efficiently learn more.

Coming to a highly motivated state for students, our tutors make sure to give suggestions and feedback and converse with students regularly for the same. Suppose you are looking for something like this, and the best tutor provides videos, counseling, forums, lectures, assignments, etc. In that case, the IB chemistry tutor in Gurgaon will work as an exemplary companion for the studies path.

So waiting and finding online tution in Gurgaon requires no more delays. Connect with our IB chemistry tuitions experts for further discussion for the best future for the student. Call us today.ṣ

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IB PYP: International baccalaureate PRIMARY YEAR PROGRAMME

This educational programme is designed mainly for those who are children between the ages of 3 and 12. The duration of this program is 5yrs. This program is recognized by around 100 countries. In PYP there are the subject groups:


Social studies

Science and technology



Physical education



Student profile 

Students in IB PYP Curriculum are








Point person


This is an award (a kind of certificate) related to MYP recognized internationally introduced in recent years. To get this certificate students must have to complete at least a single Assessment in each of the following subjects:


Social studies

Science and technology



Physical education



Assessment criteria

To give a final score there is a total of four criteria in the subject in each group to mark the ability of students based on the student performance in the complete. The score of all four criteria is used to make a grade out of seven.

This is all about what the parents of PYP students need to know.

Our services:

IB teach provides you with the best quality teacher for the PYP curriculum. Our teachers are from over 25 countries. So in case if you want an online tutor then we are here to provide you best online tutor for pyp. Our tutors take online classes through video call software like zoom meeting, skype, google meeting, etc. And if you are living in Delhi NCR India then we also provide pyp tutor in gurugrampyp tutor in Noida, and pyp tutor in Delhi.

You can contact us through our website and WhatsApp also.

Our day-1 class is completely FREE so in case if students are comfortable and felt happy in the day-1 class then the student can proceed for further classes and we will charge you from the day-2 class. So feel free to contact us through Whatsapp or call and start your preparation for better results in Exams.