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The International Baccalaureate Economic Program of IB Economics is a stimulating and interactive online course. The study of social science addresses issues primarily through the description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services for the welfare of people to effectively use the available resources to meet the middle space of private and social goals. 

IB Economics Tutor encourages students on an online platform to learn and understand the resources that offer comprehensive coverage of the Economics syllabus. The International Baccalaureate Program offers Standard (SL) and Higher (HL) Level topics. The well-defined standard syllabus of Economics concentrates on the behavior and interactions of economic agents as well as how economies actually work. 

What Is the Concept of Curriculum Studies of IB Economics?

The International well-defined curriculum studies of economics deal with the various economic parameters which are concerned with the trade exchange, production, and consumption of goods and services. Our IB Economics Tutor focuses on the central quest of economics that deals with the necessities of production and employment for the people. Our economics tuition revolves around subjects like health, investment, savings, money, government policies on taxation, the banking system, and spending, international trade.

Similarly, it also reflects on industrial organization, urbanization, environmental issues, regulation, and legal matters. This systematic methodology of the learning and understanding process is a collective sampling of the concerns at the core of the science of economics. It enables students to determine the logical and effective use of resources to meet personal and social goals.

It enables students to determine the logical and effective use of resources to meet personal and social goals.

The curriculum section of the IB Economics program provides students with an overview of economics as a social science. Our IB Economics Tutor meticulously explains the economical difference between the two main branches of economics: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. 

  • Microeconomics deals with the decisions of individuals and organizations to allocate resources for production, distribution, and consumption. The basic principles consist of the law of supply and demand, utility maximization, and opportunity costs. It also includes elasticity, monopoly, oligopoly, and the theory of production.
  • Macroeconomics deals with the economics that concerns large scale based on general economic factors like interest rates and national productivity. It includes growth, business cycle, unemployment, inflation, and deflation.

What Are IB Economics SL & HL Courses?

The study of economics is an important matter of concern. As the analysis of Economics can be applied throughout society, business, real estate, health care, finance, and government. Our IB Economics Tutor also focuses on the international level, where countries are more spontaneously interdependent through the progress of global trade and the movement of labor and capital. The IB Economic Program is further divided into SL and HL Courses.

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Standard Level Course

IB Economics is a significant part of the Diploma program at a standardized level of economic studies. The course focuses on the core parts of economical production, exchange & consumption of goods. The IB economics tutor motivates students to think rationally and critically about the standard point of economical parameters.


Higher Level Course 

Economics HL is concerned with the numerous theories and applications of economical sciences. The IB Economic tutor introduces students to different concepts, economic models, theories, and economical terminologies. We offer to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of international economics.

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The Economics Examination

The course Economics has 3 exam papers. There are different parameters for SL & HL students. For instance, if the student is SL, then they will be allowed to write only paper one and paper two of the course. Whereas, if the student is an HL, then they are exercised & prepared to take three exam papers. Our economics tuition makes sure your are ready for your exam papers.

The Marking System:

The first paper is 30 percent of the marks for SL students. Whereas only 20 percent of the marks are recorded for HL students. 

IB Economics Classes That Actually Work


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Frequently Asked Questions

The difficulty level of IB economics is not hard class content-wise. The concepts of economics are elaborate and require a deep understanding of secure good grades. IB Teach is the finest online tutoring platform. We have a team of specialized IB economics tutors. We employ an interactive and engaging approach to impart quality education to our students.

IB Economics is the standard level economics course that is a part of the Diploma program. The course provides core knowledge of economics. The IB economics course encourages students to think rationally and critically about economics.

Economics HL is the study of various economic theories and applications. The course introduces students to different economic models, concepts, theories and terminologies. Learning IB economics will broaden the knowledge of the students and enable them to understand the intricacies of international economics.

IB Teach assists you to prepare for IB Economics. Our team of skilled, proficient and qualified IB economics tutors makes it easy to comprehend the complexities of economics. We prepare students by introducing them to various terminologies and economic theories. At IB Teach, we aim at making the subject easier for students and increasing their scores.

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