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IGCSE Online Tutor in UK

IGCSE Online Tutor in UK​

IGCSE Tutors Online

The University of Cambridge develops the International General Certificate Of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The IGCSE curriculum can get complicated to grasp. We at IB Teach provide you with the most experienced and professional igcse tutors online that guide your children through the complex maze of igcse learning.


Our Uniquely Designed Curriculum

Our igcse tutors online use reflective and interactive learning techniques to help students improve their learning abilities and grasp concepts and theories more quicker.


  1. Interactive & Immersive Experience

Traditional and face-to-face learning can become very monotonous when compared with online tutoring. Our IGCSE curriculum is designed uniquely. The tutoring is filled with interactive and immersive experiences where students can interact with our tutors and clear all their doubts and questions seamlessly.

  1. Professional IGCSE Tutors Online

All our IGCSE tutors online are taken on board only after thorough background and educational qualification verifications that ensure your child only gets the best and most qualified igcse tutors online.


  1. Student Support

Students can lose self-confidence, which might impact their learning abilities if they are not guided and assisted well throughout their learning journeys. So every time any of our students get stuck or fail to understand any concept or theory during their independent studies, our tutors are always here to guide and support them by clearing all their doubts and confusion.


  1. Structured Program

During all our online tutoring sessions, our tutors constantly quiz students about the specific topics they are learning during that session. This helps and consolidates the students’ learning and makes each session productive and effective.

Why Parents Choose IB Teach?

We pride ourselves in mentioning that all our parents are pleased and stress-free when their children are tutored by our igcse tutors online.

IB Teach offers highly productive individual support to its students that combines the best online tutoring methods with an individual and customised approach per their unique learning capabilities and needs. All our tutors are versatile and highly passionate about helping students become better learners and academic achievers.

IB Teach offers flexible learning schedules that fit all students’ busy routines without exhausting them. That is what makes online tutoring so flexible and straightforward.

The Benefits Of IGCSE Online Tutoring

  1. Resources Availability

Parents get higher and better accountability with online tutoring as parents can conveniently supervise their child’s online tutoring classes anytime they want. This is not possible in traditional learning. Tutors are more involved as the online tutoring platform is more interactive and immersive and better tracks their students’ performances.


  1. Improved Academic Performances

IGCSE tutors online focus every student on thinking independently and improving their problem-solving skills. The tutors are highly academic-focused and driven and help students develop strategic thinking skills that will positively enhance their personality and learning techniques.


  1. Individual Feedbacks

With our online tutors, students can quickly discover their strengths and weaknesses concerning their learning skills and abilities. Their regular one-on-one interaction with highly qualified and experienced IGCSE tutors helps them receive direct and personalised feedback on their learning abilities to scale their learning journey and eventually score better grades.

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IB PYP: International baccalaureate PRIMARY YEAR PROGRAMME

This educational programme is designed mainly for those who are children between the ages of 3 and 12. The duration of this program is 5yrs. This program is recognized by around 100 countries. In PYP there are the subject groups:


Social studies

Science and technology



Physical education



Student profile 

Students in IB PYP Curriculum are








Point person


This is an award (a kind of certificate) related to MYP recognized internationally introduced in recent years. To get this certificate students must have to complete at least a single Assessment in each of the following subjects:


Social studies

Science and technology



Physical education



Assessment criteria

To give a final score there is a total of four criteria in the subject in each group to mark the ability of students based on the student performance in the complete. The score of all four criteria is used to make a grade out of seven.

This is all about what the parents of PYP students need to know.

Our services:

IB teach provides you with the best quality teacher for the PYP curriculum. Our teachers are from over 25 countries. So in case if you want an online tutor then we are here to provide you best online tutor for pyp. Our tutors take online classes through video call software like zoom meeting, skype, google meeting, etc. And if you are living in Delhi NCR India then we also provide pyp tutor in gurugrampyp tutor in Noida, and pyp tutor in Delhi.

You can contact us through our website and WhatsApp also.

Our day-1 class is completely FREE so in case if students are comfortable and felt happy in the day-1 class then the student can proceed for further classes and we will charge you from the day-2 class. So feel free to contact us through Whatsapp or call and start your preparation for better results in Exams.