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How to ace the AP Chemistry course?

In this overview of AP Chemistry, we will cover some content students can or should learn to prepare for this chemistry class. Although this course was prepared specifically for AP Chemistry, we will include content that pre-AP students or any intro chemistry students are likely to cover as well. These pieces of advice are based on a memorization sheet that our AP Chemistry tutors will provide during the summer before taking the class. However, if your teacher has already provided an information sheet to memorize stick to that one. The first thing students need to know about this course is SI base units and prefixes. SI stands for the international system of units. Those are units of measure used universally and are accepted throughout the entire world. In a nutshell, students have to make sure they know what each unit represents as well as its abbreviation. There are seven basic measures that students will have to know: the kilogram which represents mass, time, and last but not least Kelvin K which is another measure of temperature. Another one is Ampere which is for electric current. In addition, the mole represents the amount of a substance. Another important SI unit is Candela which represents luminous intensity. Finally, students at this level are probably familiar with meters. Students probably won’t utilize candela very often in this course since we can’t recollect having to do many problems or experiments with it.

Generally, there are the 7 SI base units that students should know while entering into AP Chemistry. Although there are many rules to learn, students have to know a few key solubility rules. However, for now, students must know that group 1 metals ammonium and nitrate salts are soluble. Soluble means that they can dissolve in water. That is important to know as it allows students to know if a reaction forms a precipitate. Next, the periodic table which will help students immensely. Students will be provided with a  periodic table on the exam that only includes the abbreviation, the atomic mass, and the atomic weight. Our AP Chemistry tutors in Gurgaon, AP Chemistry tutors in Noida, AP Chemistry tutors in Delhi NCR will ensure that our students know the element symbol with its corresponding name and vice versa. Consequently, it will help the students learn the order and atomic number just as time-saving strategies during the test and to learn the relative location of each element. Knowing all these facts is not enough so make sure to contact your Online AP chemistry tutors to give you a head start in your AP Chemistry class. Students must be sure to be prepared as they will likely need all of the info stated above for every single assessment and exam. Finally, students should take time to learn these things in the week preceding the start of the AP Chemistry class. We have included a link below to the AP Chemistry guide, so feel free to check it out anytime soon.