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Assessment and Exams


Assessment and exams are mainly used to measure the level of students. Like, at  which level student have mastered the academic skills during the academic session. For example,


  • The creativity of students to solve the problems
  • The level of skills students have to present information in presentation
  • How longer student can retain knowledge
  • At which extent student understand the key concepts



What are IB Internal Assessment ?


Parents and students found difficulty and confusion in getting the correct and clear information about the IB IA. All of this confusion happens just because in IB there are acronyms like; TOK, EE, IA, CAS etc.


To know about the IA, first you need to know that the diploma course of the IB is of two years and in these two years student have to make presentation and also have to write essays. In this period student need to submit assignment in IB. But in IB its very time consuming to grade every students by IB examiner, so the responsibility of giving grade has been given to the class teacher. Any assignment which is grade by the class teacher instead of IB examiner is known as Internal assessment.


Every subject has it own form of IA. The IA may be in the form of commentaries, essays and presentation. The mode of internal assessment can be oral, Experimental, Project and paper. It depends on IB individual class and its teacher.


IB IA example for all subjects


For Biology IA click here

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Our IB IA writing services


IB teach provides you the best guidance for making IB IA. Our IA making faculties provides their services all over the world through online using the skype, zoom meeting, google meet etc. In recent years we helped  thousands of students in making their IA. In India we also provides offline tutors in multiple cities. In case if you want our guidance for making IB IA like, Ib maths IA, Ib Physics IA, Ib chemistry IA, Ib biology IA, Ib economics IA, Ib ESS IA etc then you can contact us, our team will reach you as soon as possible.