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IGCSE Course Prospectus

IGCSE is a vast system of international education. There are over 70 Subjects in the study program of the IGCSE curriculum. Students are provided with a choice to select the subjects of IGCSE education. The minimum number of subjects a student can take is 5, and the maximum number of subjects is 14, depending upon their calibre to complete the course. The nucleus of IGCSE subjects is English, Mathematics, and Science. Furthermore, the number of subjects varies from school to school. However, our IGCSE tutors online India build up the foundation of students with adequate knowledge & understanding.



The physics curriculum has the evolution of motion and momentum of objects, alongside calculating numerous Physical concepts and laws of gravitation, Thermal Physics, circular motion, electromagnetism, particle, matrix, Properties of Waves, etc. Our IGCSE Physics tutors are well-educated to apply physics in simpler terms.



Our highly trained igcse bio online tutor transforms students to understand the basic nucleus of the cellular organization to the whole organism, the human anatomy & the physiological process of development & its impact and consequences in the ecosystem.



The Maths curriculum emphasizes a firm foundation of problem-solving, presenting, and interpreting precise results. Our IGCSE Maths tutors online India build up the foundation of interest in calculating numbers in a diverse form of mathematics.



From the scientific study of the composition, properties, and states of matter to the numerical calculation of moles and molecular masses, our igcse chemistry online tutor educates students to understand a deeper connection of chemistry with the environment alongside organic chemistry and the chemical industry.



The English language is considered a fundamental doorway to the international education system, administration, science & technology, and global communication. Our IGCSE English tutors strive to develop the imagination, grammar, and vocabulary of the students to build up the basic English foundation. We develop their skills through written & oral examination as well as listening comprehension.

Education Breeds Confidence For A Better Tomorrow

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a well-defined education program for transforming students to pursue productive learning. It is a knowledge-based, highly respected high school qualification for students between the age group of 14 and 16. It is a well-recognized international academic qualification that acts as the gateway for pursuing further academic studies. The IGCSE education system makes students flexible to adapt evolution to other education, curriculums, and schools in an easier and faster way of thinking & learning process. We provide IGCSE online classes for students from all over India.

Transformation In Learning & Understanding

Transformation In Learning & Understanding
The IGCSE is a massive curriculum that focuses on advanced international education. However, our IGCSE tutors online provide students with 1 on 1 individual classes and modify the uniformity of learning and education for a better understanding. At igcse tuition our online IB Teach tutors concentrates on the overall development of the students. We prepare 1 on 1 interactive session with a content-rich educational program that educates students for further studies wherever they are in the world.

The IGCSE program of rigorous study impacts as a foundation in the highly regarded and respected Cambridge IGCSE diplomas. It also applies to the Cambridge Secondary 2 Stage. 

Our tutor teaches students how to think, not what to think & directs them on skill development and cognitive thinking. They transform students with better thinking ability to learn the standards for knowledge acquisition and simultaneously apply what they studied to their daily life. Our IGCSE tutors online meet international standards of the education system and use English as the main language of teaching and interaction.

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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an educational system of advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. It is a dynamic process of progressive learning education & values virtually.


IGCSE certification is well recognized globally. This form of IB tuition online is an early adolescence education program for students in the age group of 14 to 16 years. IGCSE online tuition is one of the most transformative modes of education in the international curriculum. The IGCSE classes is compatible with other curricula presented internationally and adapted to different requirements and cultures.


Our tutor bases their explanation on international education levels that encompasses changing the requirements of students and periodically updating the subjects as per real-life parameters. Our IGCSE tutors online understand the younger minds as the student’s curiosity is the very base of the education system. Whether you are looking for physics and maths tutor or biology igcse, we provide you with all.

Education Breeds Confidence

We provide an extraordinary, gradually discovering curriculum of knowledge and understanding. The teaching process is founded on scientific methodologies with fundamental parameters of education. Our IB tuition online curriculum is developed upon a foundation to complement the student’s necessity and also presents cross-curricular prospective studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

For students between the ages of 14 and 16, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a well-known international curriculum. This program of study results in the highly regarded and respected Cambridge IGCSE diplomas. The Cambridge Secondary 2 Stage applies to this.

IGCSE mandates learning a range of standards for knowledge acquisition and its application in daily life. It meets international standards and uses English as the main language of instruction. IGCSE places a strong emphasis on educating the whole learner and fostering learning creativity. The curriculum is highly rigorous, and the methodology emphasises practical application over rote memorization of theory. IGCSE subjects are all created to be studied from a perspective informed by international research.

Selecting the right board for education is significant. It has an impact on the overall career and future of a student. IGCSE has several advantages Recognition from abroad universities, a learner-centric curriculum, access to a global network, etc.

The IGCSE online course will take around two years to complete, and the assessments are carried out at the end of the year.

The exams are conducted annually during June and November, and the results are published in August and January.

Yes, International Universities do accept IGCSE Diplomas. It is an internationally recognized Secondary Education Qualification.

The IGCSE course online can be taken by registering with IB Teach. We offer classes online through the best Learning Management System. We also provide 1:1 online courses. Through our 1:1, our IB tutors will give personal assistance to the subjects.

There are over 70 Subjects in the IGCSE course, and a student can take minimum 5 subjects and a maximum of 14 subjects to complete the course. English, Mathematics, and Science are the core subjects in IGCSE. Also, the number of subjects varies from school to school.

In IGCSE Curriculum, there are 3 core subjects which includes Mathematics, Science and English. A student can also choose subjects from more than 70 subjects.

The IGCSE course is Internationally recognized and helps a student to study in global universities as it offers an edge to the students over other courses.

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IB Teach provides professionally experienced tutors for the 1 on 1 individual class. Whether it be skills, knowledge, techniques, or confidence, our IB Teach IGCSE tutors online India is able to identify the strong & weak areas of your children to make a transforming change. Our tutors are highly skilled & experienced in educating the students in all the subjects of the IGCSE education system. Our tutors are certified as experienced candidates to teach your children. They are background checked, highly trained & ill-equipped with knowledge and understanding with years of teaching experience under their belt. The IB Teach education system is widespread in India to guide the students with the best education curriculum. In the process of completing any international external & internal assessments and projects as quickly as possible, our IGCSE tutors provide timely feedback on students’ progress, exams, curriculum & results to parents and students.


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