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Why should you choose the IGCSE curriculum or why should you not choose over the curriculum? What kind of pattern this does curriculum follow? You choose your board based on what do you want to do after you choose the board. Choosing the board is not your goal remember yours is to the something beyond that. So you decided CBSE because you wanted to do something similarly you decided IGCSE do something but I would like to say when you compare CBSE, IGCSE, or whichever board you want to compared but I think that IGCSE having the super edge over every other board because they simply focussed children think beyond the normal thinking capacity. They stretch them and once the mind is stretched then it never is the bend that what I love about the IGCSE curriculum. They forced children to think beyond the box or we can say outside the box. It’s an open course and a diverse course in simply wow interesting core. I will give full points to the IGCSE curriculum.


The curriculum aims to rear the learner confidence by helping them develop faculty and unfamiliar with spot on stereotypes, waves, and savvy as well as the sense of reckoning, pattern, and union.This curriculum offer variety of ways for learners with the ultimate long-range of abilities together with non-English students. They build their curriculum according to the basic need of students. IGCSE helps students in developing and improving their skills. It is a perfect board for advanced study.


why you would need a personal IGCSE home tutor? the solution is there are often many reasons. the foremost common reason that we hear from the oldsters is that their child isn’t very confident in IGCSE subjects and since of this student isn’t ready to score admirable marks. why this is often happening? this is because the doubts remain uncleared within the whole academic sessions obviously due to some reason. Your child could also be shy about asking doubts within the classroom because there are numerous children within the classroom, we will say that each one of the youngsters isn’t able to concentrate. so what’s the solution? the answer may be a one-to-one class for your children. In our academy, we’ve experienced IGCSE home tutors in Gurgaon. Just in case if you would like a web tutor then we also provide an Online IGCSE tutor.




IGCSE Physics is a very profound and comprehensive subject. It is required a very clear understanding of the fundamental theories to learn the intensity and complexity of the IB physics course.



IGCSE Chemistry is based on the examination of composition, structure, molecular design, and various chemical and physical attributes of a compound as well as the behavior of one compound with the other factors and compounds.



. Biology is a course that explains the phenomenon of life and organism. Biology is a division of science that deals with living organisms and their vital processes.



IB Teach provides expert IB maths online tutor for the most advanced mathematics AA (Analysis and Approach) as well as AI (Application and Interpretation).

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IB Teach has some of the best and most professional IGCSE Physics Tutors associated with us. Our physics tutors are well qualified and skilled. They are certified and undergo expert training to impart quality education to our students. At IB Teach, we believe in providing par excellence education to our students. Hence, our tutors follow novel teaching methods and learning approaches to make the subject more understandable and easier to grasp. 

IGCSE Physics Tutors of IB Teach give utmost importance to the basic foundation of physics. They strive to ensure the concepts of students are clear and profound. 

IGCSE Biology Tutor

Biology is one of the most intricate subjects with diverse topics. The range of topics and concepts these subject covers is incredible. Moreover, the syllabus of IGCSE biology is vast. A skilled IGCSE Biology tutor with considerable experience in teaching biology can enable students to understand vital concepts with ease.

IB Teach has the best team of expert subject teachers. Our IGCSE Biology Tutors are qualified and can optimally introduce one to the fundamental principles, concepts and applications of biology.

IGCSE Chemistry Tutor

Get introduced to the technical world of IGCSE Chemistry in a fun and interactive way with the proficient IGCSE Chemistry Tutor from IB Teach. Our IGCSE Chemistry Tutors encourage students to take an interest in the subject and refine their skills. They emphasize both the practical implications as well as subject theory.

Our IGCSE Chemistry tutors cover all the elements of IGCSE Chemistry such as introduction to compounds, the structure of compounds, types of compounds, chemical energetics, Acid, bases and sales, carbonates, and much more. 

Apart from physics, chemistry, biology, we also have specialized IGCSE Maths tutors as well as IGCSE English tutors. At IB Teach, we envision providing comprehensive education to our students.

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