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Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to register with IB Teach to get the best classroom quality classes.

Yes surely you can access IB teach Classroom sessions on your phone, tablet, and laptop. Our platform is all device functional.

If you are facing a technical issue, send a message to our team and we will connect you to avail the lesson over Skype or any other video platform tool. Also, connect with the team to resolve technical issues.

For any feedback and quality suggestions, we are always up. Write to our team at the provided email address. We will check the feedback and implement it soon.

International Baccalaureate is the internationally recognized school curriculum. The students must study in IB accredited school to study this program. This program is for students between 3 to 19 years of age.

There are 6 IB subjects offered in the IB program. The students can take one class from groups 1-5. The student can take one subject from group six or a second subject from 2-5. The students will have to take three or four subjects at a higher level.

Yes, IB Classes prepare you for the IB board and enhance your knowledge. IB Teach is one of the finest online tutoring platforms. Our teachers are highly trained and qualified. They assist your students throughout the course.

IB surely increases your chances of getting into a US university. Many US universities prefer IB Students over non-IB counterparts.

There are no cut-offs or specific scores released officially by universities to grant students admission. One needs a fair mix of 6 or 7 subjects and a decent average score to secure admission to a top university.

International Baccalaureate offers different types of Programmes, which includes Primary Year, Middle Years, Diploma, and Career-oriented programs.

More than 100 countries and 5000 Universities accept IB Student's admissions and transcripts.

It encourages students to think critically. IB is a core part of the education system and can land you in top-notch universities. Develops a second language that is globally accepted.

IB teach considers IB tutors on the basis of experience and subject expertise. We hire teachers with more than 1000 hours of 1:1 live online classes. Our team conducts a screening process, interview sessions and mock-up sessions before adding the tutors to our excellent team.

At IB teach, we conduct live online tutoring sessions on Whiteboards, texts, and voice communication methods that allows students to understand better. We create a perfect and professional virtual classroom aura that allows students to clear all doubts and learn better with our IB tutors.

Our Online tutoring is conducted through virtual class on Video platforms. It includes whiteboards, text chats and voice communication process. You just need a high speed internet and the class button provided by our IB tutors.

Ideally, there is no fixed system configuration required, but we suggest 4GB Ram and 256 GB SSD Space and high speed secured internet connection to conduct classes.

At IB Teach we offer students to re attend the classes by rescheduling the time and informing the tutor prior about the same.

AT IB teach, we have teachers with 15-20 years of experience and a high level of subject expertise. We only follow IB and Cambridge international education/IGCSE/A and AS levels. Our interactive sessions are very engaging, and through 1:1 classes, students can easily resolve all their doubts.

Yes, IB Teach offers you access to all the videos for future revision purposes.

In contrast to CBSE, IB places a greater emphasis on learning that is applied and practical. IB exams measure students' knowledge and intelligence, not their memory and speed, whereas CBSE exams place a lot of emphasis on these skills.

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