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Introduction to IB Design Technology

Our Online IB Design Technology tutors are very excited to be presenting this program to you. At IB Teach, we believe that there are many great lessons that our students will through this year. Without further a due, let’s take you through a little bit of what the IB Design Technology course will look like. This will be just an overview of the IB Design Technology course, students will learn more details about the course as they go through the year. At IB Teach, there are six ideas of the general flow of information that our IB students are going to get from the IB Design Technology. Not to forget that our IB students must understand that these topics are not necessarily in the order that our IB Design Technology tutors are going to teach them, however, these are the main pieces of information that our students should expect to know by the end of the year. To begin with, human factors and ergonomics. Here, students will try to understand why things are made the way they are and why things are designed the way they are designed?. Secondly, resource management and sustainability. Here, we discuss products that can last longer and that can be more efficient. Last but not least, modeling. Here, students are going to deal with basic sketches, orthographic drawings and hopefully they will get into 3d modeling by using Auto desk inventor to be able to see how our different products will perform. After that, students will be introduced to raw materials for final production in which they will focus on the process of production from design to final stages. Moreover, students will learn what materials are going to be best why would we use plastic, metal, wood, or different materials to make our prototypes. In addition, our Online IB Design and Technology tutors will show our students what’s going to be the most effective material to make our final designs. Next, we have innovation and design in which students are going to look at what makes a good inventor and how do they come up with ideas. For example, how did Steve Jobs became Steve Jobs and how did the founder of IKEA come up with his successful plans. We can’t forget to stress that our IB Design Technology tutors in Gurgaon, IB Design Technology tutors in Noida, and IB Design Technology tutors in Delhi NCR will be making sure to help our students look at the process of how design really becomes a piece and what it will look like in the future. Moreover, our students will have a deep understanding of classic designs and how to make products last for a long time. In a nutshell, these are the six topics that are the general focus of IB Design Technology will be about. At IB Teach, students will have a lot more to learn for sure but those are the six main topics that our IB Design Technology SL tutors and IB Design Technology HL tutors are covering in the IB Design Technology course.

The General Agenda for the week

The general agenda is what our IB Design Technology Online tutors are hoping to accomplish. The general Agenda will ensure that our students are moving forward. For example, a tutor will introduce a new piece of the internal assessment which will be discussed and introduced to all IB Design Technology students on a particular day. This assignment will be a week-long assignment so the goal is to break it down into pieces. For instance, on day number one: students might have some videos and some information about their IA piece which they are supposed to do for the week. Instead of doing it all towards the end of the year, our Online IB Design Technology tutors are going to break it down and do it piece by piece throughout the year. To put it another way, students will have the piece of the internal assessment possibly like a design project for the week. On the other hand, the rest of the days of the week will be individual lessons.

In general, students need to be successful with their design projects. The IA is where most of the student’s grades will come from. That’s why, our IB Design Technology students might have many design projects during the day, however, most of those days they will find themselves focusing on their IA design project. Moreover, students might have smaller assignments such as discussion posts to talk about a certain topic but not necessarily doing more classwork. The main focus of the students will be on their design projects. While we have the chance of discussing the different information from that day, our students’ attention won’t be shuttered.

Hybrid days in IB Design Technology

On hybrid days, no new information will be assessed because some of the students won’t be attending. Therefore, the goal of those days will be the students who are attending the classes and their design projects. Our tutors at IB Teach will provide assistance through classwork just to making sure that our students understand their projects very well. Moreover, students will have one-on-one consultations for their projects as they go through to ensure they are on the right pace. One thing that you must know as IB Design Technology Student is that hybrid days are very up in the air and nobody knows how exactly they look like. IB Design Technology tutors have only a general idea of the hybrid base.

Testing and IA Design Project

There’s been some accommodations and changes regarding testing this year due to covid-19. In general, paper one is a multiple-choice question. Furthermore, paper two is essentially the application of the information that students have already learned. It’s all about taking the topics and answering questions in context. In other words, students will be given a problem and they have to show how would they solve it using what they have been taught by our IB Design Technology tutors.

In addition to that, there are still the IA requirements which we’ll discuss briefly here. The IA is going to be the biggest part of our classes at IB Teach. There where a lot of focus will be because students will learn the concepts while doing the project at the same time. Students will design and create a unique solution to a problem. In basic terms, what students are going to be doing has to be physical. Students are going to create prototypes, then create designs. After that, they are going to do testing to make sure that it works properly.