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In between the 30 mins lessons our students are given questions which help to consolidate their understanding, making following sessions much more effective.

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Often students lose their self confidence when they try to do questions and get stuck. Every time our students get stuck during their independent study, we are there to help them with their question, enabling them to move on with their study.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difficulty of IB HL Math is quite high. The students are introduced to some vital concepts of Mathematics in HL International Baccalaureate Program. IB Teach has a team of professional IB maths tutors. They use the right mix of expertise in the subject and learning methodologies to build a strong Math foundation.

The IA of IB maths is intricate. The difficulty level of the same is high. The scores and grades in the IB maths to a very extent depends upon the topic that one chooses for the IA. IB Teach has a team of expert IB maths tutors. They not only acquaint you with various maths topics but also guide you to choose an optimum topic for IB Math IA.

To study IB Math SL you can opt for the professional tutoring at IB Teach. We have a team of expert, skilled, qualified and certified Math tutors. Our maths tutor is the specialist their understanding of the subject and knowledge of the domain can enable you to maximize your grades in IB Maths SL

IB teach is one of the leading IB online tutor platforms. We have expert IB Maths tutors. Our tutors are highly trained and proficient. They exert to provide quality education to the students and clear their basic understanding of the subject.

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As globalisation is moving forward at a faster pace, so is the changing learning patterns. It is therefore needed to emphasize the selection of a course that satisfies the rapidly changing environment. It is needed to impart critical thinking, problem-solving skills. There is also a great need to develop curiosity, international mindedness, diversity of thinking and a healthy appetite for learning and excellence. To meet this demand International Baccalaureate with its 5500 schools and 159 universities offers educational programmes to broaden students experience and skills which helps students to solve the problems of society optimally. With  Mathematics as the core program, IBDP claims to realize this challenging reality in the new era.

    The Mathematics course of IB is classified into 4 types ie. Analysis and Approaches Higher Level ( AA HL), Analysis and Approaches Standard Level (AA SL), Applications and Interpretations Higher Level ( AI HL ), Applications and Interpretations Standard Level    ( AI SL) to fulfil the interest and aspiration of the student for their future endeavours. However, this classification has created a state of confusion among the students, parents and other stakeholders. There are also some discrepancies between the philosophy that IB shares with the criteria followed by many universities across the world for admissions. So there is a need to clear all the doubts in our mind before choosing any course.

IB says that AA is for students who are very interested in real and abstract problem solving or are interested in Engineering, Mathematical science, economics. IB claims AA will develop skills of Mathematical thinking. Whereas students who are interested in Social Science, natural science, medicine, Statistics, Psychology and design should prefer IB’s AI Mathematical courses which is more focused on modelling and Statistics. It claims AI courses will develop skills of applying mathematics in the real world. To develop a skill of critical thinking and Mathematical Approaches, IB has also included Internal assessment to each of these courses and has also carefully distributed the teaching hours required for each of the courses as per the below diagram.

However, the claims of  IB is not been followed by the Universities during Admissions. The universities during admissions follow a hierarchy of courses based on their difficulty level for the admissions. For example, Cambridge university prefers students who have done AA HL and AI HL courses. In British universities, although they have a different level of grading system they prefer Mathematics HL courses along with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Computer science. In Germany, General universities prefer HL courses and SL is preferred for subject-specific universities.

These World-Class universities have also classified these courses based on difficulty level. As per the universities, AA HL is considered the most difficult one and AI HL, AA SL, AI SL follows AA HL as per the written precedence order. The renowned schools across the globe have therefore prioritized the offering of these courses. Most of the schools with their top notch IB Maths AA tutors  and IB Maths HL tutors provide AA HL as their top priority and provide a limited scope for other courses. This has created limited opportunities for the students and is more or less affecting the student decision. This situation has created a dilemma among students minds about the course preferences as per their suitability. Even the lack of  IB Maths SL tutors and IB Maths AI tutors across the globe has created a knowledge  barrier for these programs.  They are ultimately left with some questions in their mind which are mentioned in the below diagram.

To answer these above questions, IB Maths Tutors at IBTEACH have taken this responsibility in their hand. IBTEACH has been successful in fulfilling the demands of the students and parents for several years. The IB Maths Tutors at IBTEACH with their extensive experiences have successfully delivered results and motivated students in a proper direction. The  IB Maths Tutors in Gurugram , IB Maths Tutor in Delhi NCR and IB Maths Tutors in Noida has also coordinated and developed a framework for students in which , he will be under a continuous feedback mechanism for improving  his/her performance in the subject matter. 

 The counselling provided by the IB Maths Experts has also been helpful in clearing all confusion from the minds of students and parents. Due to  its global presence and headquarters at Gurugram, India, it has been able to give a timely response to all its clients. The IB Maths Online Tutors at IBTEACH are also making consistent effort to improve the teach methodology in Online teaching  , a challenging situation which was created by the global pandemic.    To cater for the demands of various universities the Online IB Maths Tutor at IBTEACH are also providing guidance to various programs through online mode.  IBTEACH’s IB Tutors for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and various other subjects have been successful in providing guidance with a very well structured program through Online and Offline mode. The IB Tutors at IBTEACH are well adapted to students need and deliver the content to improve student understanding.  

As the International Baccalaureate is adapting to the global trends, this situation will create some scepticism at the initial stages. Taking this intermediary stage as an opportunity, the team of  IB Experts, IB Maths Online Tutors and other IB Tutors of IBTEACH has been successful to provide proper guidance and mentorship for all the IB , IGCSE , CBSE , ICSE programs.