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Introduction to SAT

In IB Teach, we have helped many students get high SAT scores to get into colleges like Harvard and other awesome places as well. If you want to get the best SAT score, then you are in the right hands. Firstly, the SAT is split into two halves for the multiple-choice students have math which is worth 800. This first half of the SAT exam includes two different sections as well. In the first one which is shorter compared to the second section, students aren’t allowed to use a calculator. However, students can use the calculator in the second section. Next, is reading and writing in the language section. This section includes two different sections too. To begin with, the first section is evidence-based reading which is a typical reading comprehension test. In other words, students are required to read a passage and then answer a bunch of questions based on the passage. The second section is basically a grammar test. It is testing students’ style and usage of the English language. To put it another way, this section of the SAT tests how students form sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Furthermore, the SAT language section includes an optional essay section. As you might have noticed in the name, the essay is not required and students can sign up for it or not. Nevertheless, Different schools and colleges might have different policies in terms of whether they require their students to take the essay and whether they require students to submit the essay score if students happen to have taken the essay. Our SAT Online tutors recommend that you check out the individual schools that you’re interested in when you’re applying to college. In IB Teach, we generally recommend the optional essay to those students who want to apply to top colleges. It’s usually a good idea to take it if you can afford it.


SAT Content

Now, let’s get into more details in terms of what each section includes and what students have to be responsible for. To start with, let’s take a look at the reading test. Students are going to be reading one passage from a classic or contemporary work of the US, UK, or world literature. Generally, literature falls into three different categories. Firstly, there is multicultural or world literature. Secondly, there is classic literature which means that students will be probably looking at things like the 19th-century novels which are usually part of British or American literature. However, students can still expect something that is different. Generally, students will have an old-fashioned British or American author. The second type of passages that students are going to have at the SAT exam might not be second on the test so It might be last on the test. The passage could be a historical passage. Those types of passages are called primary sources. Unlike history books which are written by a team of authors that compile all the ideas of history in a big broad narrative, these passages are typically actual documents from a particular historical time period about whatever issues were going on. For example, it could be a letter from a senator about a controversial issue. Also, It could be a presidential address or speech. Generally, when covering these types of documents there will be a huge emphasis either on US history or the great global conversations. Consequently, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be from US history. In the past SAT exams, there was material that was from the British perspective on Americans and it could be also from India, China, and so on.


Next, students are going to have a selection of social sciences. It could be economics, psychology, sociology, or anything as such. Finally, students are going to have science passages. In the SAT, students are going to have more science reading than any other type. For example, earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, technology, and sometimes natural science or popular science. What our SAT tutors in Gurgaon, SAT tutors in Noida, and SAT tutors in Delhi NCR find the most challenging about the SAT is that four out of five of these passages are not literature. When students think of English class at school, they usually think of interpreting literature which is only one of the five things that they are going to be tested on. Therefore, it makes it a very different test in a lot of ways. For that reason, our SAT online tutors will encourage all of their students to really prepare for this test and to not just assume it’s going to be like the class because if you know the subject doesn’t mean you’re going to ace it. On the other hand, the writing language test is basically a grammar test in which students will basically read sentences, find mistakes and weaknesses and then they should fix them. Moreover, students are required to find the best choice or which of the answers would not work for a particular question. In those cases, students need to pay attention to what the question is asking and answer the question. Sometimes students are just correcting and other times they are answering the question but it’s usually grammar first and style second.


Here are some examples of the grammar areas that students are going to be responsible for knowing. It would be really good if students know all the grammar points that the test covers. However, the grammar in the SAT focuses more on style and usage than basic grammar knowledge. Students need to know how to keep parallel constructions in sentences, how to avoid redundancy, how subordinate and dependent clauses work with independent clauses to form full sentences. Students need to know how to use relative pronouns. In addition, there are questions that are more about style and strategy. Those can be more challenging to tackle as they cover things like concision and clarity. Finally, The math section is divided into four sections. According to College Board, the heart of algebra is basically algebra 8 which means that you have to know everything from solving linear equations to inequalities. Generally, linear functions aren’t the kind of questions that students are used to seeing in their regular math classes. They are the type of questions that require students to look at a word problem and then look at an equation that models that word problem and then figure out what one value in that setup of the word problem needs. As you can see, it’s not the kind of thing that students do in their regular class. That’s why we encourage our students to be open-minded and ready to take on new challenges.