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80% of students struggle with maths because they don’t receive adequate support. We believe, and have repeatedly proven, that with the right support any student can excel in maths.​

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In between the 30 mins lessons our students are given questions which help to consolidate their understanding, making following sessions much more effective.

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Often students lose their self confidence when they try to do questions and get stuck. Every time our students get stuck during their independent study, we are there to help them with their question, enabling them to move on with their study.

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Welcome to IB Teach! We provide the best services to our clients. We prepare young pupils for life, helping them develop informed peculiarities and a never-ending passion for learning the languages. All the English Tutors are well qualified and certified from renowned institutes. All the tutors of IB Teach are having a degree in a particular subject. All the tutors at IB Teach provide the quality of education. And all the IGCSE English tutors have specialized knowledge in their Subjects. IB teach provides classes for International Baccalaureate and IGSCE board. At our institute all the IGCSE English tutors know how to maintain the class decorum, they all are very well upskilled. Cambridge IGCSE is the most popular curriculum in India. It does not only focus on academics but also on other factors which are equally important for a student for enrichment. The Cambridge IGCSE board is different from the one which we are aware of. It is child-centric and encourages inquiry-based learning. The IGCSE board learning promotes concept learning which is important for the embellishment of a child. Both the boards cover a wide range of the world now. And it focuses on all the parameters which are required for the latest-based learning and the advancement of a child. IB English tutors in Delhi NCR and IB English tutors in Noida help the students to learn the English language online and offline both based on their requirements.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum sets an international benchmark for education and is recognized by all the universities and employers all over the world or across the globe. IGCSE curriculum is malleable, demanding, and inspiring, culturally intuitive yet global in approach. Cambridge pupils develop an informed novelty and an enduring passion for learning. They gain some advanced skills that are much required in the development of a student and the universities for the higher level of education.

There is a total of four stages that lead the student to the higher level, starting from Stage 1 and goes till Stage 4. Stages are as follow:

Stage 1: Cambridge Primary. This is for Age 5 + and it includes all the basic subjects including English, Maths, and Science.

Stage 2: Cambridge Lower Secondary. This is for Age 11 + and it includes Curriculum and Assessment including English, Maths, and Science.

Stage 3: Cambridge Upper Secondary. This is for Age 14 + and it includes Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O level Certification, and Cambridge ICE Certification

Stage 4: Cambridge Advance Level. This is for Age 16 + and it includes As & A level, Cambridge AICE Diploma, and Cambridge IPQ

Cambridge Perspective is different from other boards, they focus on the subject learning at each stage and provides training at every level of the stage.

IGCSE English language offers all the subjective material for instance Poem, Drama, Literature, Grammar. And monthly assessment Test helps students to be good at every stage.

In the same way, IB teach does not only focus on typical-based learning, we believe to enhance our students with day-to-day effective learning techniques. Our English Trainers not only provide classes but also make sure that every student understands the concept as well. We have well-equipped equipment to help the students to go along with the technology. Our teachers provide interactive classes and they use a whiteboard with digital pens and all the trainers of our prestigious institute are tech-savvy. All the classes would be done according to the curriculum of IGCSE or IB. Our English trainers speak English in the class so that students can be more familiar with the language and they can handle well with the speaking part as well.

IGCSE English Tutors are well trained and provide interactive classes. Our group of IGCSE English Tutors in Gurgaon provide one to one session with the students to resolve their queries and their parent’s queries, If they have any. Online English IGCSE tutors are at IB Teach, where they provide online classes to the students.


English is a widely spoken language in the World. It is an official language of India as well. The origin of the English Language in England and then later the English language became the more dominant language all over the world. English is being spoken in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, etc. It is the official language of India, Singapore, the Philippines, etc. There is a total of six CEFR levels.

A0 or A1 Level in the English Language is the basic level, where one learns basic English and can converse using or making basic sentences. A0 or A1 level is known as Beginner/Elementary Level.

A2 English Level is Pre-intermediate Level. B1 English Level is Intermediate Level. B2 is the upper intermediate level. C1 English Level is Advance Level and C2 Level is proficient Level.

These above-mentioned levels are given by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

IGCSE English Tutor covers all the modules in the English Language. There are 4 Modules as Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and in addition Grammar. Our main aim is to give the standard quality to the students who are looking for IGCSE English Classes across India.

IGCSE English Tutors are well upskilled and they all are qualified IELTS and TOFEL exams. Some of them are masters in the English Language from renowned universities and have good teaching experience.

IGCSE English tutors in NCR and Gurgaon are providing IGCSE English Tutors, who provide well-trained classes to the students. IGCSE English tutors take an assessment at regular intervals to keep an eye on students’ practice. Our Tutors also provide practice material to the students.

There is never late to start with private coaching. We make sure that every individual gets the best result from our institute. The English Language has helped many students in the area of many subjects and it will eventually help the student to get the benefit of studying abroad. 

Our IGCSE English tutors work together to make it possible for every student to love this language by heart. 

We aim to provide high-standard teaching to all those language lovers.