Reasons Why IB Physics Is Considered So Hard

Reasons Why IB Physics Is Considered So Hard

IB Physics can be described as International Baccalaureate Physics. It is a course spanning over two years. To deal with IB physics, most of the students look for IB physics tutors. It is considered a must to go for tuition classes even if it means that you have to look for IB physics, online tutors. But why is it considered so hard? We have got a couple of reasons that will help you understand how complex IB physics truly is:-

Advanced Problem-Solving Skills

There are certain subjects which need to be studied carefully and if you study the chapters a couple of times, you might find it easy to study such subjects. Most of the students don’t look for tuition regarding language subjects solely based on the fact that you don’t have to work so hard to understand it. But as far as IB physics is concerned, you always have to look for an IB physics tutor near you. It is the demand for advanced problem-solving skills that makes it essential for you to deal with IB physics tuition. There are layers and layers in this subject. Before you study actual physics, you have to go through maths and problem-solving ability first. 

Starts With Complex Topic 

The first topic that you have to study under IB physics is mechanics. When you look at the other subjects, you might find that the subjects start on an easy note. It is only after a point that complex chapters start to unfold in front of you. But by that time, you have already come to the groove of that subject. But you have to seek the help of an IB physics tutor near you because it never gives you time to settle. You will have to go for IB physics tuition within the first few months of getting introduced to the subject. 

Huge Workload 

While the concepts are complex, the overall workload is not easy either. To start with, you will have to put around 20 to 30 hours to finalize the draft of an assessment. Even in this day and age where Covid-19 has taken over the world, students badly want to go to IB physics online tutor so that the burden can somehow be decreased. Concepts such as the theory of knowledge essay, Internal oral, CAS, and your ToK presentation will come in place one by one. The workload is always going to exist in this course. 

A Level Up In Year 2 

While the first year of the course starts with a bang, year 2 adds to the complexity of the subject. During all this time, you will have to consistently deal with an IB physics tutor near you. If you have already passed the first year, behold the things that are coming your way in year 2. 

Hard Exams 

If you’re going to look at examination papers before entering the course, you might opt-out of the course at that point itself. The examination pattern is tough which adds to the reasons why you have to get IB physics tuition to continuously deal with the subject!

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