How To Crack Ib German HL Paper 1 Practical exam

To stay a bit away from the crowd and to make your dream of studying abroad come true, learning a new language can be advantageous. If you want to crack the Ib German high-level exam surely this blog is meant for you. As German is not our native language or our second language, one has to start from the start, and to make it a bit easy you can go to an institute that has a professional Ib german tutor.

It is not a difficult task when you know the details and the strategies that must be used for clearing the exam. By mastering some of the important things, it will be a matter of ease for you to do so.

Some of the things that must be followed before and while preparing for the exams are as follows.


The first thing that must be learned is basic grammar. It is important to learn at least the basic grammar in the German language to pronounce the words properly. Especially to frame the sentences, grammar is needed. Without grammar, one cannot learn the basics of the language in any way.


After learning grammar, you must try to speak in that language to be able to make your vocabulary strong enough to crack the exam. The Ib German tutor can help you build your vocabulary in that language by talking to you and by assigning some other person to talk to and make you understand things.


Past papers always help in understanding the pattern of the paper and the questions too. After getting the syllabus done, you can get the past papers and try to solve them by yourself. This will help you know your strength and how much more study is needed to crack the German IB HL exam. Past papers are available online on the website as well as offline in the shops. Your Ib German tutor may also provide you with the previous year’s papers to make you learn more and more.


Before jumping into the syllabus and the chapters, you must be well aware of all the texts that you must be learning. This will make things a bit easy for you because you already know what the topic is so you may cover it with ease. Get the books prior and get some basic and advanced literature books that will help you in understanding the syllabus in a better way. If you already know about the texts and the syllabus, you will have excellent background knowledge that will make it easy for you to follow.


Productive skills like reading and writing must be practiced in the German language every day for better performance in the exam. To learn any different language, you must improve your production skills every day as they are known as active learning and it is possible only when it is followed regularly.


All the above-mentioned points are more important than one another. A professional and expert Ib German tutor will not ask you to skip any of the above points if you want to get success in the exam and go abroad. Big dreams need big work and so much learning. Being focused on every part of the syllabus with the grammar and the vocabulary, you can clear the exam with surety.

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