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IB Physics Online Tutor In The UK - The Guidance You Need​

Have you been looking for the best ib physics tutors to cover up diploma programs? If the answer is positive, we welcome you to come and join us at IB Teach. It is true that Physics is one comprehensive and deep understanding subject. So, some students might need a little bit of extra attention to help them excel in this course module.

Students need a very clear understanding of basic Physics concepts to understand the complexity and depth that this subject houses. It is further observed that the grade boundary for IB physics is always the lowest when compared to some other subjects.

Therefore, it is mandatory for the students to get hands-on with the best ib physics online tutor from our side, who understands the fundamentals and basic concepts of IB physics clearly.

The experience presented:

For the last couple of years, our tutors have experienced that a student who takes an active part in the online IB physics tutor, will get to learn the subject in the most effective manner possible. So to help out these students who are finding it challenging to understand the course module, we at IB Teach will address help straight from the house of our tutors now.

Physics tutors available for SL students:

Our team from IB Teach has years of experience in teaching students standard level physics. Our course comprises 8 main topics with a tutoring duration of around 95 hours.


  • There is an optional topic of teaching with 15 hours of duration and a practical scheme with a duration of 40 hours.
  • We are ready to offer students help directly from Physical SL tutors in multiple cities, covering the whole of the UK. Each one is well trained in not just the subject but also in the art of helping students to learn.
  • There is an assessment model followed by physics SL, which consists of 3 papers.
  • The first paper is of 45 minutes and consists of 30 MCQs to cover 20% of the paper.
  • The second paper will be of 1.25 hours and has a short answer and extended response questions. It will cover 40% of the paper.
  • The third and final paper is an exam that takes place for an hour and consists of practical and data-centric questions. There are extended responses and short answer questions on optional topics, covering 20% of the paper.
  • The current individual investigation is a complete write-up of around 6 to 12 pages with a duration of 10 hours to cover 20% of the final paper.

Well, join hands with our physics tutors who will be your guide towards the right path of education. We will prepare mock test assessments and will help you with a model question paper to get a grab of the situation.


We have experienced tutors who are exceptionally good at teaching students not just standard level, but even higher level physics courses. Instead of wasting time, enrol your kids to help grab the last of the remaining seats around here. 

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IB PYP: International baccalaureate PRIMARY YEAR PROGRAMME

This educational programme is designed mainly for those who are children between the ages of 3 and 12. The duration of this program is 5yrs. This program is recognized by around 100 countries. In PYP there are the subject groups:


Social studies

Science and technology



Physical education



Student profile 

Students in IB PYP Curriculum are








Point person


This is an award (a kind of certificate) related to MYP recognized internationally introduced in recent years. To get this certificate students must have to complete at least a single Assessment in each of the following subjects:


Social studies

Science and technology



Physical education



Assessment criteria

To give a final score there is a total of four criteria in the subject in each group to mark the ability of students based on the student performance in the complete. The score of all four criteria is used to make a grade out of seven.

This is all about what the parents of PYP students need to know.

Our services:

IB teach provides you with the best quality teacher for the PYP curriculum. Our teachers are from over 25 countries. So in case if you want an online tutor then we are here to provide you best online tutor for pyp. Our tutors take online classes through video call software like zoom meeting, skype, google meeting, etc. And if you are living in Delhi NCR India then we also provide pyp tutor in gurugrampyp tutor in Noida, and pyp tutor in Delhi.

You can contact us through our website and WhatsApp also.

Our day-1 class is completely FREE so in case if students are comfortable and felt happy in the day-1 class then the student can proceed for further classes and we will charge you from the day-2 class. So feel free to contact us through Whatsapp or call and start your preparation for better results in Exams.