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1 on 1 individual online lessons with expert tutors that allow students to see the beauty and simplicity of Biology.

IB English Classes That Actually Work​


Boost in Confidence

80% of students struggle with maths because they don’t receive adequate support. We believe, and have repeatedly proven, that with the right support any student can excel in maths.​

Stuctured Program

In between the 30 mins lessons our students are given questions which help to consolidate their understanding, making following sessions much more effective.

Timely Support

Often students lose their self confidence when they try to do questions and get stuck. Every time our students get stuck during their independent study, we are there to help them with their question, enabling them to move on with their study.

Frequently Asked Questions

IB English consists of two papers. The first paper focuses on the language whereas, the second paper focuses on the literature. IB English also covers unseen passages. IB Teach has a team of professional IB English online tutors. Our tutors work on the basics of English grammar and exert to refine the English proficiency of the students.

The IB English SL level course includes the textual analysis and understanding of the text. It includes both literary and non-literary aspects of the language. The IB English SL encourages students to question the meaning generated by the text, language, it works on the analytical aspect of the language. IB Teach is one of the finest online tutor platforms. We have a team of expert teachers having immense experience in teaching IB English. They exert to polish the English speaking, reading and understanding of the subject.

IB English HL covers extensive vocabulary and analysis of the literary text. The difficulty level of IB English HL is quite high. IB Teach has a team of skilled, proficient, trained and qualified online IB English tutors. Our tutors employ innovative approaches and modern teaching methodologies to impart quality education to students.

Enrolling for IB English Online Tutor can help you to work on your English proficiency. Our IB English tutors are highly experienced and skilled. They exert to improvise the basic understanding of the language and literature. At IB Teach, we aim at providing optimum knowledge, refining the language skills and improving the grades of the students.

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IBTeach Overview

Our IB English tutors design Intensive English courses to help students make rapid progress in all subjects and focus on the five most important subjects (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and English) with lots of additional work on speaking, critical thinking, and discussion.

The age range of students

Most of the students in our IB English tuition and Intensive English courses are age 11 – 25, and many of these are to improve their skills for their university courses or professional careers. Our main goal is to focus on improving our students’ English before university.

Class sizes

We give one-to-one lessons, with a maximum of one teacher for each student. In the lower and higher levels, there is often only one student per class. Our IB English tutor help in easy learning to the pupils. We also provides IB English home tutors in Delhi and NCR.

All new students are asked to complete our online placement test or are tested on their first online lesson, to check their level.

What students learn in this course

In this combined pathway course, students have the chance to study a wide range of both literary and non-literary texts.

As an interdisciplinary course, we offer students the opportunity to take a course in literature, in a single offering. The course allows students to build upon the skills that they have already started to develop at MYP. Students will continue their exposure to different forms of texts such as poetry, plays, and novels.

Students will be introduced to new text forms such as film analysis, documentaries, print advertising, and photography. With the guidance and assistance of our IB English Tutor, students will develop the right skills that will enable them to talk confidently in both an oral and written setting.


What students learn in this course 

The IB course is bolstered by global issues, so no matter where the Online IB English tutor is based, IB English tutors in Gurgaon, IB English tutors in Noida, or IB English tutors in Delhi, all students will have the same discussions of different texts that will highlight some of the global issues we face today, past and present.  Moreover, our IB English literature tutors will make sure to help the students to make the right connections as part of their studies and will assist them to study at least one text translated from another language.


Interdisciplinary learning and assessments 

We will make sure that the selection of the IB English home tutors and Online IB English tutors in all over the globe are appropriate for each student and for the context in which we are teaching the course, with regards to the oral assessment that students have to prepare for at year 12 which is equivalent to 30% percent per grade and at a higher level is equivalent to 20% of the grade. The rest of the grade results from their performance at the exams, so at the end of the course, students will be ready to move on to year 13, where they will have two pieces of paper. In the first paper, students will have a guided text analysis of invisible texts in which they have to demonstrate their understanding of the construction of non-literary text. In the second paper, students will write a comparative essay based on what they have studied as part of the course. In order to prepare for our IB course, our IB English language and literature tutors would like to remind you that having a student participating in the translation sessions at year 11 will effectively broaden their understanding of the level of critical thinking and skills that are expected to be covered in our IB language lessons. Furthermore, students will once again receive an important level five reading list. Of course, this will not be the text that we would be studying as part of the course, but this will be really helpful to expand the students’ reading talents by bringing them closer to a classic text, and other texts that will be professionally tailored to their requirements and needs.