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The International Baccalaureate (IB) education system established the language courses based on the versatility of the culture and interests of the students. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages by about 483 million native speakers across the world. It is considered an official language in 21 countries. The certified and accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) education system employs qualified teachers with the practical and theoretical skills to become IB specialists. Our extraordinary IB courses in different subjects and languages are precisely suitable for the growing minds of students. Our IB Spanish tutor has a substantial educational background and experience as they have been practicing teaching from the early stages of their careers. Our online spanish classes opens a whole new world for you.
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They direct the students to the right career opportunities that are seasoned for the betterment of society. Students gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the IB philosophy and dexterity in the process of cultivating an international mindset within the 1 on 1 individual classroom learning from professional tutors of academics and education at our online spanish classes. The IB Spanish tutor engages students with like-minded peers for their growth and development. We offer flexible 100% online language courses that enable you to improve your knowledge and grades. This direct program of high-quality professional development maintains your current practice. 
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What Are IB Spanish SL & HL Courses?

The International Baccalaureate Spanish course curriculum is subdivided into two different levels. The Spanish Standard Level (SL) and the Spanish Higher Level (HL). These two IB courses are well-defined curriculum courses for the Spanish Language. The Standard Level (SL) course has Language ab-initio whereas the Higher Level (HL) has Language B-Course.


  • In SL Spanish, Ab-Initio level students are taught the basic foundation of the knowledge of the language. It is considered a beginner’s course as they have no prior related knowledge of the Language.
  • However, the HL Spanish Language B-Course students are taught the language at a higher level. Because in this HL status students have a prior related knowledge of the subject due to the previously gained knowledge of the targeted Spanish language. At this Higher Level, the IB Spanish tutor laid down themes, enabling students to understand the concept more in-depth.

The Examination Process

The IB board’s curriculum is a standardized level of education. The students have access to both external and internally Spanish language emanation. 

  • The Internal Assessment examination of Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) have Oral Test Examination. In this, students have to demonstrate how good their communication skills are with the targeted language.
  • The External Assessment examination comprises namely Paper 1 and Paper 2

However, Paper 1 contains the student’s evaluation of writing skills. Whereas Paper 2 contains the student’s attentive and receptive skills in the process to evaluate how well they can understand the listening and reading of the targeted language.

Our Team Of IB Spanish Tutors

Our Spanish IB tutors speak Spanish and English in the 1 on 1 spanish classes so that it will be easier for the student to become more familiar with the Spanish language. In these interactive spanish classes, they can have good communication with the speaking, listening, and writing parts of the targeted subject. In the process of learning a new language, our dignified IB multilingual tutors have a credential certification in the target language. Our IB Spanish tutors are competently proficient in any language as a native one. They guide the students to adequately acquire and adapt to the new language with ease. They promote the students in learning, writing, and communicating in the targeted Language.

Boost in Confidence

80% of students struggle with maths because they don’t receive adequate support. We believe, and have repeatedly proven, that with the right support any student can excel in maths.​

Stuctured Program

In between the 30 mins lessons our students are given questions which help to consolidate their understanding, making following sessions much more effective.

Timely Support

Often students lose their self confidence when they try to do questions and get stuck. Every time our students get stuck during their independent study, we are there to help them with their question, enabling them to move on with their study.

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IB Spanish Tutors are trained to provide the best 1 on 1 interactive class. Our group of IB Tutors resolves the student’s queries and their parent’s queries if they have any doubts about the course. The Online IB Spanish tutor provides online assignments and activities to the students. The IB Teach tutors are certified from the best educational background and skilled experience. They safeguard your children’s future and guide them to complete their multilingual internal and external assessments and projects with the utmost competency. However, If your child is curious to study and acknowledge the Spanish language, email us at: ibteachclasses@gmail.com. To get a free consultation, contact us at +91-9289325337 for more information. Address: Sukh Shanti Apartment, Vigyan Vihar, Near Rapid metro 55-56, Gurgaon-122011.