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IB Teach changes the learning process and understanding through their 1 on 1 learning sessions. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is one of the prominent international curricula for students of the age group between 14 to 16 years. Chemistry is a vast subject that deals with the study of matter, chemical configuration, elements, compounds, etc. It is determined as the field of science that comprises the identification of various substances incorporated in the matter.

In the process how they interact and change their states. Chemistry covers multiple areas of science with the core topic of atoms & subatomic configuration. The subject is challenging with the massive syllabus to cover. However, IB Teach provides an IGCSE Chemistry online tutor that builds up the student’s fundamental base of the subject. With their skilled knowledge & innovative teaching techniques. 

What Is IGCSE Chemistry?

IGCSE Chemistry is precisely the study-oriented program designed for the age group of 14 to 16 years. It deals with the core topics of chemistry, such as chemical compounds, matters, structures, and fundamentals of elements. The subject is massive to students with the introduction of numerous types of chemical compounds & reactions. In this learning process, IB Teach has a team of experienced IGCSE Chemistry online tutor. They encourage students to base their interest and curiosity on the processes of learning chemistry. 

Our competent tutors help students academically as well as in real-life experiences. We develop students’ cognitive skills like creative thinking, inquiry, and problem solving to develop and excel them for the next stage in their education. Our IGCSE Chemistry tutors blend the theory and practical applications of the subject to make it simpler and more comprehensible for students.

How We Work: IB Chemistry Tutoring Sessions In The Online Platform.

IB Teach employs IGCSE Chemistry tutors to address all the doubts and uncertainty about the subject. We subject the students to screening tests via published investigation and administration to evaluate the extent of awareness of the subject to the students. Furthermore, we opt for a demo session with the tutor and the student for the structured-based knowledge of the student. We also evaluate the results of the pre-assessment examination.

IB results and curriculum is shared with the parent as well as the student. We offer informative 1 on 1 input demo sessions and tutoring based on the availability of the student as we offer 24/7 accessibility. Our online sessions are interactive, and assignments are conveyed with voice chat, writing, and learning tool options on an audio-enabled virtual collaborative whiteboard. We enable students to get to know the syllabus. Encourage them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the subjects. IGCSE Chemistry online tutor explains how to approach tricky numerical & problems. We keep it simple and practical. These things enable the students to apply practical knowledge in the examination for better results.

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How Should I Prepare For The IGCSE Chemistry Exam?

With all the exceptional compounds and chemical configurations, the subject of IGCSE Chemistry difficulty level is quite hard. The subject is vast and includes an array of topics, as ideals with everything from the smallest atom to the most complex states of matter in the universe. All this can be explained through the study of chemistry. Therefore, a detailed understanding of chemistry is a must to improve the score in the subject. However, IB Teach has a team of professional IGCSE Chemistry online tutors. They employ an innovative & more understanding approach to make the subject manageable and understandable for the students.

Boost in Confidence

80% of students struggle with maths because they don’t receive adequate support. We believe, and have repeatedly proven, that with the right support any student can excel in maths.​

Stuctured Program

In between the 30 mins lessons our students are given questions which help to consolidate their understanding, making following sessions much more effective.

Timely Support

Often students lose their self confidence when they try to do questions and get stuck. Every time our students get stuck during their independent study, we are there to help them with their question, enabling them to move on with their study.

Frequently Asked Questions

IGCSE Chemistry is the study of chemical compounds, structures and fundamentals of elements. The subject is vast and introduces students to various types of chemical compounds. IB Teach has a team of professional IB Chemistry tutors. Our tutors use a mix of theory and practical applications to make the subject easier and more comprehendible for students.

IGCSE Chemistry difficulty level is a hard class. The subject is vast and includes an array of topics. A clear understanding of the subject is a must to improve the score in the subject. IB Teach has a team of expert IGCSE Chemistry. Our teacher employs an innovative approach to make the subject easy and understandable for the students.

There are around 14 topics in IGCSE Chemistry. The topics range from the particulate nature of matter, atoms, elements, compounds, experimental techniques and much more. At IB Teach, our online IGCSE Chemistry tutors strive to cover the entire syllabus of chemistry and provide them a clear understanding of the subject.

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