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What Differentiates The German Course Ib From The Standard Level B German (Sl) And Higher (HI)?

German B Standard level (SL), and German B Higher level (HL) are language courses designed to give students the skills and intercultural knowledge needed to communicate successfully in an environment where the language studied is spoken. German B helps students improve their linguistic talents by teaching receptive, productive, and interactive skills.

International awareness is vital to the IB concept and essential in striving for a more peaceful world. German B courses taught by IB German tutor aim to enhance intercultural understanding and global participation in addition to language skills development. The nature of the language acquisition process encourages and is encouraged by international-mindedness.

IB German tutors can incorporate ideas and resources that encourage students to view aspects of the language and culture from different (and sometimes opposing) perspectives, make nonjudgmental comparisons of language and culture, and consider language and culture in a global context. Thanks to the flexibility of IB course design.

Differentiation between The German Course Ib From The Standard Level B German (Sl) And Higher (Hl)

Level of competency

Students learn to communicate in the target language in both familiar and unexpected circumstances at all levels of German B “ab initio,” SL, and HL. They describe cases, narrate events, make comparisons, explain problems, and express and defend their viewpoints on various course-related topics. The contrast can be seen in the student’s required degree of ability in receptive, productive, and interactive skills.

Advance skills

Students can comprehend a variety of authentic written and spoken texts. They comprehend descriptions of events, feelings, and wishes, as well as comparisons and the recognition of a simple, linear reasoning. They derive the meaning of sentences and unfamiliar words and phrases by looking at the context.

Students comprehend and analyze a wide range of authentic written and spoken materials, as well as the fundamental aspects of literary writings. They dissect arguments, separating key ideas from supporting facts and justifications. To determine meaning, they employ a variety of methods. Only at HL is it necessary to study two literary works written in the target language.

Productive skills

Students create oral presentations and produce texts for a variety of purposes. They create descriptive texts and personal letters; they compare and contrast things, tell stories, give thorough accounts, and express their views and opinions on abstract or cultural issues.

Orally and in writing, students present and develop their ideas and opinions on a number of themes. They use explanations and examples to build and support arguments. They describe, narrate, compare, explain, persuade, justify, and evaluate at length and with purpose to address a wide range of communicative needs: describing, narrating, comparing, explaining, persuading, justifying, and evaluating.

Interactive skills

Conversations and discussions are started and maintained by students. They communicate their thoughts and feelings by expressing and responding to them. Students employ a range of tactics to negotiate to mean and facilitate dialogue.

Students initiate, maintain, and conclude conversations while demonstrating some capacity to shift style or emphasis. Negotiating meaning and encouraging dialogue are skills that students have mastered.

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