7 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Physics Tutor Before Hiring Them

A tutor can be a very effective way to learn or understand a subject better. Accessing a tutor’s expert knowledge is often helpful for students of all ages, whether about easy or hard ideas.

When you interview a possible tutor for your child or yourself, it would be best to ask the right questions. After all, if you want to hire an IB physics tutoryou probably have many questions you want to answer.

Have you taught IB Physics before?

This may seem silly, but it is a significant one. Many tutors are recent college graduates who may not have taught before. You should be an IB physics tutor to understand the IB physics course.

What Are Your Qualifications? 

A tutor’s qualifications can help you decide if you are hiring a subject expert who can teach well. Knowing their skills and, by extension, what kind of tutor they can help you figure out how much they charge.

How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?

There is a strong desire to find a recent IB graduate, maybe someone with a 7 in IB physics and a 45 overall score. These students talk about their skills in the IB Students Worldwide Facebook group, Reddit, and other places.

To teach, you have to care about the person you’re working with and have years of experience with how to explain things. IB physics may have been easy for recent graduates to learn on their own, but can they explain it to you and help you?

Do You Have Any Testimonials, Success Stories, Or References?

You should look for their former students and talk to them about how they did with them as a tutor or read about their success stories.

How Do You Know if a Pupil Is Learning at Their Best Ability?

People learn differently, and good IB physics tutors will quickly figure out the best way to teach each student, changing their style so that everyone can know as well as they can. Asking a tutor how they handle these nuances helps you ensure you’re getting a great tutor, not just a good one. It also checks to see if they can help you or your child learn, even if you are having trouble.

Number of Sessions and Cost

This has something to do with cost and something to do with what people expect. If you hired a traditional IB physics tutor, you would probably meet with them once a week for an hour. Therefore, from a cost point of view, you should know how many sessions you expect to need to ensure your costs do not get out of hand.

Are You Able To Answer My Questions Between Sessions?

You will likely have an hour-long session with your tutor once a week. In the time between sessions, you will be in class, doing homework, studying for tests, and doing your internal assessment, and you might want to ask your tutor a question. The best way to ensure the IB physics tutors you hire is the best for the job is to talk to them about it. Find someone whose skills and personality fit with what you need. If you take the time to ask the right questions, you’re more likely to hire someone who will help you learn instead of hurt it. This will bring you closer to your educational goals.

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