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5 Amazing Tips To Score 7 Pointer In IB Maths

Let’s face it, IB maths is one of the most challenging courses out there. Once you get enrolled in it, you start questioning your decision. You start searching for an IB maths tutor near you. There’s nothing wrong with going for tuition classes to get better marks in your exams. No matter if you’re going to have an online IB maths tutor or not.

you need to take these 5 tips into mind before stepping into the examination hall: 

  1. Have A Calculator 

One of the things that you would need while giving the exam is a calculator. The thing about IB maths is that you will have to solve all kinds of difficult questions. If you start calculating things manually, it is bound to take a lot of time before the job is done. But if you’re able to bring a calculator with you, all the difficult equations can be solved in a quick amount of time. This is something that will allow you to solve the question paper entirely. Most students end up leaving many questions and lose a chance of scoring seven-pointers in IB maths. 

  1. Don’t Ignore The Material. 

Some students have this habit of leaving out some parts of the syllabus. It accounts for the fact that they are not able to understand the material, and they prefer ignoring it and focusing on the material that they can understand. If you have hired the services of an IB maths tutor, you shouldn’t ignore the material based on the fact that it is too difficult. As long as it is considered important from your examination point of view, you should work hard to understand it. This is the thing with IB maths, you have to work hard on it and items become easy as you practice them. 

  1. Do The Revision Time And Again 

If you have completed your syllabus, you need to revise it once. In case you have revised it too, you need to do it once more. The thing with IB maths is that you become refined over the material as you keep working on it. The equations that were almost impossible to solve would become easier with time. All it requires is the help of an online IB maths tutor and practice combined with a focus on your part. 

  1. Perform Challenging Questions 

If you have decided to score seven pointers at all costs, you probably need to start performing challenging questions as well. You have to choose the most complex equations to perform so that you don’t feel surprised even if the question paper in the actual examination is extremely difficult. 

  1. Focus On Graphs 

Students often ignore the graphical representation of their equations. When you are going to an IB maths tutor near you consistently, you will have a better understanding of how the graphs can be used to assist your answers. 

These are some of the most useful tips that will help you to score a seven pointer in IB Maths. If you haven’t found an IB maths tutor near you yet, you should reach out to us at IB Teach.

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