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Tips & Tricks For IB Economics IA Structuring

A brief description of IB Economics Internal Assessment (IA)

Economics can be tough for any candidate to crack with good numbers. It requires a lot of attention and focuses on the subjects to digest and understand its fundamentals. The IB Economics IA is worth 20% of your overall grade at the Higher and Standard Level and is split into 3 separate 750-word commentaries into different sections of the course i.e., micro, macro, trade, and international development. It may be based on published extracts from the media and requires your efforts to apply your economics knowledge to evaluate the events or policy response to them. Finding a good IB Economics tutor can be of great help to working on the structuring of your internal assessment project. They will provide you with every detailed knowledge of the subject and will assure that you will excel in preparing your IB Economics IA project. 

An ultimate guide for IB Economics IA

  • Cover Page and Introduction of Topic:  

It is important to make the cover page while starting any assignment. It helps the examiner to understand the topic of your article at once. You must mention the following content on your cover page: 

  1. Your name
  2. Title of your article
  3. Source of your article
  4. Date the article was published
  5. Date the commentary was given
  6.  Word count of the commentary
  7. The section of the syllabus to which the article is related
  • Indicating Key Terms: You must be well focused in mentioning all the key terms in your assignment as it helps to gain the attention of the examiner towards your core topic. Your IB Economics tutor will guide you on how to mention those keywords effectively in your project. While mentioning the keywords, you must highlight them to catch the attention of the reader. It helps in scoring good marks during evaluation. 
  • Analysis: In this section, the diagram you drew must be explained in detail. The explanation must contain the topic on which the diagram is drawn, details of its coordinates, the movements and function of the curves drawn, and so on.

  • Conclusion: This part must be mentioned in your Economics IA project. Your evaluator will get a quick idea about the source of the topic you referred it from. No assignment is complete without a conclusion.

To make your assignment worth it, you need to look for the best IB Economics IA tutor for you to crack it in flying numbers. They will provide complete assistance for preparing the same. Their guidance will give you an idea about their knowledge and skills which you can adopt while making your assignment a much better way.

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