Ib Chemistry Topic Ideas: Achieve High Grades

The struggle that goes into being an IB Chemistry is real, and it is without a doubt one of the most complex IBs to pass. The concern stems from a lack of relevant information for the IB Chemistry syllabus. Just as you’ve settled on an IB Chemistry topic that piques your interest, the worry about whether your research topic is solid and original begins to mount! Choosing the right IB Chemistry topic can take a toll on one’s working capacity, ranging from a field as vast as Organic Chemistry to anything related to Chemical Kinetics. Also, it is essential to take guidance from an IB chemistry tutor to do better with your topic and achieve high grades.


The good news is that tens of thousands of IB Chemistry students, just like you, go through the same topic-searching process for their Chemistry IB. Furthermore, no one expects you to come up with a brand new groundbreaking research idea for your IB Chemistry;



All you have to do is focus on the following key points:

Your IB Chemistry will be graded based on the following criteria: Personal Engagement, Exploration, Analysis, Evaluation, and Communication. Personal Engagement, for example, refers to your choice of IB Chemistry topic idea and how well you understand and engage with it.


Your IB Chemistry topic should be relevant to the IB Chemistry curriculum, but it should not be a simple research question that you can look up quickly in your textbook. Because this is a scientific assessment, your background research should be solid and capable of setting a standard. It does not have to be a marvel in its field, but the approach should be unique and not boring or copied.


Your research question establishes the foundation for your overall performance by stating the purpose and context of your IB. In turn, your IB Chemistry research question can only be effectively framed if previous experiments and investigation ideas inspire the topic you choose for your IB.


To aid you in your IB Chemistry topic search, here’s a compiled list of five Chemistry IB ideas to help you get started on your respective IB Chemistry journeys! Every suggestion below allows you to put on your thinking cap and cover a basic experimental concept, which you can then modify according to your interpretation.


Calculating absolute zero using gas volume.

Examining the vitamin content of various healthy foods.

Analyzing the dissolved oxygen content of a waterbody.

Determining the activation energy of a reaction.

Find the calcium content of various milk brands.


You don’t need to come up with a novel idea; you just need to approach your project research uniquely! You can consult an IB chemistry tutor for knowledge assessment on your topic within time and utmost efficiency. 


Choosing the ideal IB Chemistry topic appears to be a monumental task, and while you must be efficient as you browse through ideas, the entire process can be made much easier if you take it step by step. Once you have a great IB Chemistry topic in hand, evaluate your previous research, look for flaws, and go over the following key points before conducting your research.


  • It would be best to determine whether or not the Chemistry IB topic genuinely interests you.
  • Make sure your project’s scientific context is clear, explicit, and supported by your background research.
  • The equipment, skills, and techniques needed should be determined ahead of time.

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