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Where To Find The Best Online Resources for Teachers of Biology

The subject of biology is incredibly fascinating and is heavily weighted in all tests. It covers a wide range of topics, including biodiversity and microscopic objects like cells and microorganisms. Consider it the study of all forms of life on earth. You must make sure to study for your examinations despite how fascinating it is. It might occasionally be challenging to enjoy the subject when you are stressed about the exam. The Top Biology Revision Websites are covered in this article for IB biology teachers and students to help them increase their preparation.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a well-liked resource for many courses, offers in-depth explanations of a wide range of Biology topics in addition to giving free access to articles, exercises, and videos for  IB biology teachers.

Khan Academy provides students with a thorough introduction to biology foundations and the core subjects covered in the A-Level Biology syllabus, even though they do not provide resources tailored to particular exam boards.

IB Teach

IB Teach is one of the renowned online tutoring platforms for IB Biology. It has some of the trained IB biology teachers associated with it. The platform offers one-on-one individual lessons to the students. It provides the best support to the students. It takes effort to comprehend the requirements of the students to provide the best-consolidated learning experience. One can book a free consultation with IB Teach Experts.  To enquire about the IB Biology Course or to contact their team, fill out an enquiry form available on their website. The team will get in touch with you to guide you through the online tutoring process.


S-cool offers free educational materials. S-Cool will provide you with a topic breakdown that you can read through and take notes from when you choose your study level and the area you wish to concentrate on. S-cool does ask you to sign up in order to access additional learning tools like past exams and review summaries but doesn’t worry, it’s completely free!

The student room

The website itself provides access to much more than just free instructional materials, Links to past paper websites, examiner reports for each biology exam board, specification guidelines, sample exams, grade guidelines, reputable revision websites, and links to other helpful threads have all been provided to  IB biology teachers. 

The Student Room is an excellent place to interact with other students who are taking biology for the A-Level. Students use the website to ask more specialised questions regarding their coursework and get alternate perspectives on anything related to revision, exams, and school.

Revision Science

If you prefer past exams, Revision Science has compiled a useful list of all Biology A-Level exam board previous exams. From there, you can choose the test board you require and obtain free past exams and mark schemes.

Why not glance at their references and store the tab for when you are ready to handle them? Completing practice papers is one of the finest ways to evaluate your biology knowledge.


We get how difficult it might be to recall everything you have learnt while also grasping the new concepts of each level of biology study. Websites are also excellent for revision.

Your phone has all the information you require, and carrying around that bulky biology book is much less enjoyable. Additionally, websites contain a variety of tools including movies, slideshows, and interactive tests to assist IB biology teachers in teaching potentially complex ideas in class.

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