How to Score a 7 in IB Biology

Biology is the study of life, which calls for a great deal of concentration, comprehension, imagination, and imagery. A subject like biology takes a lot of commitment and time to master.

Keep in mind that your grade in biology is determined by more than just your final test. Your internal assessment makes up 20% of your final mark. We, therefore, aim to ensure that you receive the highest possible grades in this significant IB component. Reading well and a lot is the key to getting a 7 in IB Biology. Yet, without a roadmap to keep you on the right path, it might be challenging to rewrite properly.

Establish the Purpose and Context

For any new unit you desire to study, create an outline and assign a priority to each topic and subtopic with the help of your IB biology tutors. This gives you a realistic idea of what you should learn and how long it will take. It also stops you from becoming overwhelmed by too much information.

Identify the key concepts from the IB Biology Guide’s curriculum that you must master in order to ensure that you only study the material needed for the exams and that your revision does not go off course.

Create a note

Make sure to note any significant discoveries that you make. Making notes and putting everything in writing can help you to remember the ideas. You should never presume that you can memories key topics without noting them in your notebook because IB Biology HL/SL requires you to do so.

Ask questions from your biology tutors, but never have any confusions about biology. If you have even the slightest doubt, ask it because if you don’t, you’ll create many barriers in your mind that will prevent you from ever truly understanding the idea. Never be afraid to ask a question; if you feel uncomfortable doing so in front of the class, discuss it with the teacher afterwards. Everything you do, avoid giving in to misgivings.

Study in groups

When studying IB Biology HL/SL, working in a group can be quite beneficial because you might have overlooked something that the group as a whole knows or vice versa. You can learn more this way because other people will act as your teachers and teach you things that you might have yet to learn on your own.

Create a flowchart

Pictures help people understand biology better. Reading content from a textbook can occasionally make you feel pointless and demotivate you. Attempt to dissect the procedure. On the flow chart, just the essential details should be written and drawn. Use more images and fewer words.


Trusting the process is the most challenging aspect of it all. But make an effort. You will ultimately gain a lot of time by doing this. You can learn more by working with an IB biology tutor. To begin, make sure you are knowledgeable about and ready for the topic. 

Ibteach tutors are the perfect resource to help students who are aiming to score a 7 in IB Biology. Our experienced tutors have a deep understanding of the IB Biology syllabus, as well as the skills and strategies necessary for success in the exam. With our help, you can gain a thorough understanding of the topics, practice exam questions, and learn how to approach the exam with confidence. Our tutors will be there to guide and support you every step of the way, helping you achieve your goal of a 7 in IB Biology.

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