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In IB Teach, AP physics is meant to be a first-year physics course in our program. For most of our students, this is the first physics course that they will be taking. Therefore, there will be no new content to learn and everything that will be on their summer assignments is a review of topics they have done in their chemistry, biology, and math courses up until this point. What we did was using all of the prerequisites for the course. Moreover, we reviewed the components that our students would need right out of the gate. However, sometimes some areas are tougher for some students and easier for others. For that reason, students might ask our AP Physics tutors in Gurgaon, AP Physics tutors in Noida, or AP Physics tutors in Delhi NCR if they need help with a particular topic. All of the topics are on our website to help our students have a smooth experience so feel free to pick and choose any that you need for some extra support from our Online AP Physics tutors.


What is Physics and students will learn in AP Physics?

This particular article is a brief overview of the year and an introduction to AP physics. To begin with, physics is sometimes called the most basic of all the sciences but not because it’s the easiest, it’s because it’s the nature of the universe. Physics is the study of the nature of the universe. Therefore, physicists think about the physical phenomenon that happens and then they try to explain it. Consequently, AP Physics 1 will include topics like forces, energy, sound, matter, motion, light, heat, the composition of atoms. Students at this point might think that they have already thought about the composition of atoms in chemistry. As you might have noticed there is some overlap in what students will study. Physics is a really broad topic. As a result, there might be many subtopics within the subject. Not to forget that College Board has been running AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 for a long time now. Therefore, you might have older brothers or some friends who may have taken a course called AP Physics B, an algebra-based physics course. In AP Physics 1, there are fewer topics than there are in AP Physics B. In addition, every student in these courses will develop great science practices. Also, there’s going to be a large emphasis on the student’s ability to use representations and models to communicate about physical phenomena. Students will be assessed on using math appropriately engaging in scientific questioning, planning, implementing data collection, performing their own data analysis, designing experiments, connecting and relating knowledge across various scales. It is really important that students know that this isn’t just physics and simple math. AP physics 1 is going to be about advanced problem-solving and reasoning. Our course in IB Teach will only cover AP Physics 1 which is meant for the first-year physics student and a B physics 2 is open to seniors that have taken AP physics one.